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Coach Tom and Coach Bill
Coach Bill and Coach Tom teach the quarterstaff.
Coach Tom and Coach Bill
Coach Bill and Coach David demonstrate a Medieval counter
against a dagger attack.

What is Historical Swordsmanship?

Two fencers prepare for a boutHistorical Swordsmanship brings a historical perspective
to physical training and self defense.

Explore the sword arts the way they were originally practiced on dueling grounds and battlefields of the Middle Ages and Renaissance!

Historical swordsmanship recreates the techniques used by fencers who lived before the modern sport was created, bringing these fighting arts to life in a safe and fun environment. While the warriors of history may have died out centuries ago, these arts have been brought back to life through the careful research of historical fencing manuscripts left behind by ancient masters. Our coaches are among the topmost respected authorities of what is known today as "Historical European Martial Arts" (HEMA), and have developed a professional, systematic approach to teaching them to modern practitioners based on decades of research and practice. Students will gain fitness, coordination, reflexes, and endurance, as well as learning about the chivalric history of these knightly arts.

In our introductory classes, students learn the rapier (a dueling weapon of the Renaissance) and the longsword (a knightly Medieval sword). By the end of the course, students will understand the different styles of swordsmanship used through history and be able to fence bouts with each other."

What is Historical Swordsmanship?
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