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Summer Camps are over--Please check back in 2017 for more camp postings!

Appropriate athletic attire such as comfortable athletic pants, sweatpants, warm-ups, or leggings that completely cover the legs is required. Also, athletic shoes with non-marking soles need to be worn. Students without appropriate athletic attire will not be allowed to participate.

Olympic Sport Fencing Camps: Foil, Sabre, Epee

FencersThis course offers a more intensive approach that refines the fundamentals of our Introductory class. The goal is to prepare students for the Intermediate level where they may fence other students with less direct close supervision. New techniques designed to rapidly improve knowledge of the basics are introduced as well as how to fence using electrical equipment. Students continue learning about the sabre and epee and are also introduced to the Historical Swordsmanship program.

Historical Swordsmanship Camps: Rapier and Longsword

This course offers an expanded study of Renaissance and Medieval fencing styles. New techniques are explored allowing students to engage in more independent free fencing. The goal is to prepare students for the Intermediate level where they will be able to fence other students without direct supervision. Students are also introduced to the Olympic Sport program.



Phone: Call (703) 321-4922 to sign up with a VAF representative
Fax: Send to (703) 321-3585
In Person: Visit us weekdays: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm to 11pm; Saturdays and Sundays: 9 am to 3 pm
Mail: Send registration to Virginia Academy of Fencing
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Private lessons are also available for sport or historical students who require scheduling flexibility or more personal attention.