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Founded in 1991 by Russian Fencing Master Alexandre Ryjik, The Virginia Academy of Fencing (VAF) has introduced fencing to thousands of adults and children in the Washington metropolitan area. In 2005, we moved to our 13,000 sq. ft. location, one of the largest fencing venues in the U.S. VAF coaches teach all aspects of Olympic sport fencing (including foil, sabre, and epee) as well as historical swordsmanship.

Providing high quality fencing instruction is only part of our philosophy. Respect, honor, and good sportsmanship are an integral part of our disciplined approach to achieving athletic and personal growth.

VAF offers more comprehensive historical and Olympic sport fencing programs than any other school in the U.S.

The Olympic Sport Program offers classes in foil, sabre, and epee for recreational and competition.

The class learns about the rapierThe Historical Swordsmanship Program offers classes in the German Longsword and Italian Rapier.