The Virginia Academy of Fencing
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Equipment and Gift Shop

The Virginia Academy of Fencing store has everything for your fencing needs. For the sport fencer we carry foils, sabres, epees, masks, jackets, gloves, knickers, lames and more. For the historical fencer, we stock shinai, quarterstaffs, rapiers, pads and more.

Equipment Rental

New students do not have to purchase equipment for introductory and preparatory classes. Equipment rental is available and includes protective masks, jackets and swords. Equipment rental does not include a glove which must be brought from home or purchased; gloves are available at VAF and start at $20. A work or gardening glove that covers the whole hand can be used. A pair of gloves is required for Historical Swordsmanship classes. Students who are not beginners must have their own equipment.


As a full service facility, equipment repair services for all types of weapons, body cords, lames and other items are offered for our students.