Getting Started - Viginia Academy of Fencing
Image of fencingWelcome to VAF!
For new students, we offer classes in Olympic Sport and Historical Swordsmanship. The only thing you need to bring with you is a desire to have fun. No experience is necessary; rental equipment is available. Visit our decorated state-of-the-art training facility or call for more information.
If you are an experienced fencer, please call (703) 321-4922 first to be directed to the best time to visit, depending on your weapon and skill level.
What To Wear Appropriate athletic attire is required: comfortable athletic pants such as sweatpants, warm-ups, or leggings, which must completely cover the legs and allow stretching and movement with ease; athletic shoes with non-marking soles; and a glove for students in the Olympic class, or a pair of gloves for students in the Historical Swordsmanship class. Students without appropriate athletic attire will not be allowed to participate.
Image of fencingEquipment
Protective equipment including a mask, jacket and sword are available for rent for students new to fencing. Equipment rentals do not include a glove which must be brought from home or purchased. Fencing gloves are available at VAF and start at $20. A work or gardening glove that covers the whole hand can be used. A pair of gloves is required for Historical Swordsmanship classes.
Image of fencingTHE VAF WAY
Teaching fencing is only part of our philosophy. Respect, honor, good sportsmanship, and manners are all an integral part of our disciplined approach to achieving athletic and personal growth.
Olympic Sport
Group classes or private lessons in foil, epee and sabre are offered. For those new to fencing, VAF offers introductory and preparatory classes year-round for both youth and adults. After completing the preparatory classes, students may be eligible for VAF membership and proceed to the intermediate level in their weapon of choice.
Historical Swordsmanship Image of fencing
The sword arts that were practiced on battlefields and dueling grounds of the Middle Ages and Renaissance are the roots of modern day fencing. VAF is only one of a handful of schools in North America to offer systematic instruction in historical weaponry: the rapier and the longsword. Classes appeal to those with an interest in history and are not competitive nor theatrical. Students must be at least 9 years old to begin. Youth classes (9-13 years) and adult/teen classes are offered.