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VAF 2015 Competition Results

BFC Columbia Vets Open, Columbia, MD, 3/15/15 - Phil Sbarbaro: GOLD - Vet Mixed Sabre
Omar Fadl: SILVER - Vet Mixed Foil
Daniel Benson-McCarthy: BRONZE - Vet Mixed Sabre

Conomikes-Gutenberg Memorial Open, Williamsburg, VA, 3/14-15/15 - Abigail Benson-McCarthy: SILVER - Mixed Sabre

7th Annual Mid-South Grand Open, Durham, NC, 3/14-15/15 - Chris Matt: SILVER - Vet Mixed Sabre, BRONZE - Senior Mixed Sabre

March North American Cup, Reno, NV, 2/27 – 3/2/15 - Phil Sbarbaro: GOLD – Veteran-70 Men’s Sabre
Jeannine Bender: SILVER – Veteran-60 Women’s Sabre
Chris Matt: 6th PLACE – Veteran-50 Men’s Sabre
Keith Baker: 8th PLACE – Veteran-60 Men’s Sabre

Capitol Clash SYC & Cadet, 2/6-8/2015, Gaylord Resort and Convention Center - Abigail Benson-McCarthy: BRONZE – Y14 Women’s Sabre, BRONZE – Cadet Women’s Sabre, Earning a “C” Rating!
Andrew Grass: 5th PLACE – Cadet Men’s Foil

Cobra DIV IA/DIV II Regional Open Circuit, Jersey City, NJ, 1/17/2015 - Simone Unwalla: GOLD – DIV IA Women’s Foil

Winter Regional Youth Circuit, Richmond, VA, 1/17-18/2015 - Griffin Wells: GOLD – Y-10 Mixed Sabre
Abigail Benson-McCarthy: GOLD – Y-14 Women’s Sabre
Roy Graham: BRONZE – Y-10 Mixed Foil
Lily Papadakis: BRONZE – Y-10 Mixed Foil
Senna Keesing: BRONZE – Y-12 Women’s Foil

BFC Columbia Mixed U Open, Columbia, MD, 1/17/2015 - Omar Fadl: BRONZE – Senior Mixed Foil

VAF 2014 Competition Results

ROC Charm City Classic, Baltimore, MD, Dec. 13th-14th, 2014 - Simone Unwalla - GOLD – DIV I-A Senior Women’s Foil
Andrew Grass: 7th Place – DIV I-A Senior Men’s Foil

Earl of Arlington’s Youth, Arlington, VA, Dec. 14th, 2014 - William Suringa: SILVER - Y-10 Mixed Foil
Jake Bilbro: BRONZE - Y-14 Mixed Foil

December North American Cup, Dallas, TX, 12/5-8/14 - Jeannine Bender: SILVER - V60 Women's Sabre
Chris Matt - SILVER - V50 Men's Sabre
Phil Sbarbaro - SILVER - V70 Men's Sabre
Keith Baker - BRONZE - V60 Men's Sabre
2014 Kickoff Open, Fredericksburg, VA, September 13th-14th, 2014
Abigail Benson-McCarthy - BRONZE Div 2 Women’s Sabre, 7th Place - Div 1A Women’s Sabre
Richard Wu - 5th Place - Div 2 Men’s Foil
Ethan Gumagay - 5th Place - Div 1A Men’s Foil
Coach Alex Wood - GOLD - Div 2 Men’s Foil

Longpoint 2014 Historical European Martial Arts Tournament--Longpoint had over 150 competitors from around the world, and VAF won the team trophy for overall performance.

Longsword (Synthetic Division): Peter Brusseau, First Place
Singlestick: Doug Bahnick, Fourth Place
Messer (German Long Knife): Doug Bahnick, 3rd Place; Tim Hall, 4th Place
Ringen (Medieval Unarmed Grappling): Light Weight class- Bill Grandy, 3rd Place; Middle-Light Weight class- Doug Bahnick, 1st Place; Middle-Heavy Weight class- Kevin Comer, 3rd Place; Heavy Weight class- Henry "Hank" McLemore, 2nd Place
Forms Tournament (Paired Teams): Bill Grandy & Doug Bahnick, 4th Place
Cutting Tournament: Bill Grandy, 3rd Place; Doug Bahnick, 5th Place
Also, Coach Bill received the Bronze Medal for the esteemed "Triathalon" event, the most difficult of the Longpoint events. This is a combination of a competitors performance in unarmed, cutting, and free fencing ability--and he did most of it on a broken foot!

Nationals 2014 - Keith Baker - Bronze - Veteran 60+ Men's Sabre

Nationals 2014 - Phil Sbarbaro - 8th place Veteran 60+ Men's Sabre

Nationals 2014 - Jeannine Bender, US National Champion for VET 60 Women's Sabre

Solstice Smash, Arlington, VA, 6/8/2014 - Omeed Hemmat, BRONZE, E & Under Senior Mixed Sabre
Annika Nordquist, GOLD, Y14 Mixed Foil, SILVER, E & Under Senior Mixed Foil

Amazon Open XI, Silver Spring, MD, 6/8/2014 - Vanessa Martinka, GOLD, Senior Women’s Sabre

Battle of Spotsylvania 2014, Fredericksburg, VA, 6/8/2014 - Chris Matt, BRONZE, Veteran Combined Mixed Sabre

VAF 2013 Competition Results

Kickoff ROC, Fredricksburg, VA, September 28-29, 2013 - Simone Unwalla, GOLD DIV I Women’s Foil, earning her A rating!

Fencer’s Academy SYC, St. Louis, MO, September 27-30, 2013 - Zhao, Edward BRONZE Y14 Men’s Sabre, 7th place Cadet Men’s Sabre

Longpoint 2013 - Doug Bahnick - bronze: 19th century Military Sabre, silver: Sword and Buckler, and gold: Ringen im Grueblein

Longpoint 2013 - Peter Brusseau - bronze: Longsword

North American Cup, Richmond VA, April 12-15, 2013 - Abigail Benson-McCarthy, 7th place, Y12 Women's Sabre

"E" and Under Tournament, Timonium, MD March 23-24, 2013 - Andrew Grass - Gold - Mixed foil, and earning his D rating!
John Nickles - Silver - Mixed Epee
Richard Wu - Silver - Mixed foil

Easter "E" Hunt, Catonsville, MD, 3/29/2013 - Daniel Benson-McCarthy - Bronze - Mixed Sabre

Capitol Clash 2012 Cadet and SYC, National Harbor, MD, February 1-3, 2013 - Noah Matricciani - Bronze - Y12 men's sabre
Simone Unwalla - Bronze - Cadet women's foil

River City Rumble, Richmond VA, 1/26-27/13 - Adam Katwan, GOLD, Senior Mixed Foil, earning his "D" rating
Arjun Gupta - BRONZE - Senior Mixed Foil, and earning his "E" rating.

VAF 2012 Competition Results

Baltimore Fencing Club Happy New Year Tournament - Jovon Griffith - Gold - Y12 Mixed foil

Hangover Classic, Richmond, VA 1/7-8/2012 - Michelle Corinaldi - Medal, 8th place - Womens Foil
Jonathan Blake - Silver - Mixed Sabre
Vanessa Martinka - Silver - Womens Sabre
Paige Manel - Bronze - Womens Sabre
Simone Unwalla - Silver - Mixed Foil and earning her B rating

Reykjavik European Cadet Cup, Reykjavik, Iceland on 1/14/12 - Paige Manel - 6th place - Cadet Womens Sabre

North American Cup, Portland, OR 1/14 - 1/15/12 - Sasha Ryjik - BRONZE - Junior Mens Sabre and 7th place - Div. Mens Sabre

Baltimore Open, 1/14-1/15/12 -Jacob Asch - GOLD and Chris Barnett - BRONZE both in Mixed Sabre earning their "E" rating

Focus on Sabre Tournament in Durham, NC - Abby Benson-McCarthy - BRONZE, Mixed Sabre

Junior Sabre World Cup, Dourdan, France, 1/21/12 - Sasha Ryjik placed 7th in Men's Sabre

Royal Arts Super Youth Circuit, Colombus, OH on 3/2-4/2012 - Katya Amelung - 6th place Y14 Womens Foil

North American Cup, Cincinnati, OH 3/17-3/18/2012 - Michelle Corinaldi - 5th place - Division 3 Womens Foil.

RFM Spring Youth Tournament - Katya Amelung, silver medal in Y14 foil
Michelle Corinaldi and Adam Katwan - bronze medals in Y14 foil.
Jacob Miller, bronze medal in Y10 saber
Arjun Gupta, 8th place in Y14 foil

CFC Mixed Sabre tournament - Edward Zhao, GOLD medal winner in Senior Mixed Sabre, earning his D rating.

Royal Arts Super Youth Circuit, Colombus, OH, 3/2-4/2012 - Abby Benson-McCarthy, 8th Place Y12 Womens Sabre and 8th Place Y14 Womens Sabre

North American Cup, Cincinnati, OH, 3/17-3/18/2012 - Phil Sbarbaro - 8th place in Mens Veteran 60 Sabre

Sasha Ryjik will represent the USA at the Cadet and Junior World Championships in Moscow, Russia - 3/31-4/8 2012.

Mission Fencing SYC, 5/6/12 - Abigail Benson-McCarthy, bronze medal, and Edward Zhao, 6th place in Y12 sabre

Maryland FC Veterans, 5/6/12 - Rollie Frye, gold medal, veteran saber, earning his "E" rating.

Thanksgiving Throwdown, Richmond, VA 11/17/12-11/18/12 - Jacob Asch, GOLD, Mixed Saber and Arjun Gupta, BRONZE, Mixed Foil.

Junior Olympic Qualifiers, Silver Spring, MD November 17-18, 2012 - Lior Hanadari-Levy - GOLD, Junior Women's Foil, and also qualified for the Junior Olympics, Capitol Division

Virginia Division Junior Olympic Qualifiers, Manassas, VA, December 15-16, 2012
Vanessa Martinka - GOLD Cadet Women’s Sabre, GOLD Junior Women’s Sabre
Eric Zhao - GOLD Junior Men’s Sabre, BRONZE Cadet Men’s Sabre
Abigail Benson-McCarthy - SILVER Cadet Women’s Saber

Nightmare Before Christmas Tournament, Charlottesville, VA December 22-23, 2012 - Abigail Benson-McCarthy, GOLD Y12 Mixed Sabre

Mid South Fencing Tournament, Durham, NC December 15-16, 2012 - Daniel Vorona, BRONZE Y12 Mixed Sabre